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Multi-talented musical visionary - Finally Production

True to the provocative name of the Bratislava, Slovakia based powerhouse contemporary jazz trio that Eugen Botos formed in 2002 with bassist Robert Vizvari and guitarist Martin Koleda, the multi-talented pianist/keyboardist and composer has at last found a way to share all of many genres of music he loves on Final Definition -- Finally’s highly anticipated follow-up to their popular 2010 debut album My Space.

Botos’ multi-faceted concept for Final Definition began in 2009 when Eric Marienthal, who has used  Finally as his European touring band since 2008, introduced the keyboardist to Jeff Lorber in Vienna, where Lorber and his band Jeff Lorber Fusion (featuring Marienthal) were performing at the club Porgy and Bess. Though the release of My Space was still a year away, Lorber invited Botos to Los Angeles to work on some songs. Their earliest collaborations were “Libyan Nights” and the Sheldon Reynolds version of “Love For Real.”


“From that point, the writing and recording of Final Definition was something like a puzzle, but also full of many dreams come true, as I began working with so many artists who are heroes of mine, from Dave Weckl and Marcus Miller to Victor Wooten and Brian McKnight,” says Botos. “I draw from many musical influences, including the fusion jazz we did on My Space, as well as pop, pop-jazz, R&B, funk and even Latin music. I put it together and it became bigger step by step, but I was thinking less about the business side of recording and marketing a CD of varying styles, and was only concerned with making good music and creating a great project.”

Multi-talented musical visionary